How to get rid of bad habits

How to get rid of bad habits
 Habit - a specific action, which eventually brought to automatism. In humans, they can be both good and bad. Get rid of bad habits is difficult, but there are a number of ways.
 In order to get rid of bad habits, you first need to find the cause. It is not just an action that is not done arbitrarily. This is based on the psychological condition, for example, stress. With these actions the individual calms himself. To find out why you need to watch themselves, for their actions. For example, you start biting his nails while watching a thrilling movie, or light a cigarette when talking on the phone. When the cause becomes clear, try to control yourself.

Find the positive and negative aspects of your habits. For example, smoke a cigarette, you calm down, but at the same time ruining their health. Relate the two sides and realize that harm from it much more.

Every time you want to perform the usual operations, use the opposition to help suppress the urge. For example, when you want to smoke, put in your mouth lollipop.

Try to avoid situations in which there is an undesirable effect. Instead of dinner late in the evening, get an interesting case, for example, watching a movie or reading a book. Avoid people who present the same habit.

Ask for help from friends and relatives. Explain to them that you want to get rid of a bad habit. To, for example, when trying to wind the hair on your finger, you knocked lightly on the arm. Or arrange that every time utter the word parasite, you will have to give some money. The financial aspect stimulates correct as anything else.

Pick up another habit that will bring you pleasure. Suppose smoke breaks at work the place of talking with a colleague or a tea party.

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