How to get rid of a headache

How to get rid of a headache
 Almost everyone in my life experienced a headache. This disease can be a symptom of many diseases. Therefore, if you are concerned about persistent pain, it is best to see a doctor.
 Typically, the headache occurs with increasing intracranial pressure. Reasons for this phenomenon are many, ranging from simple fatigue and ending with various diseases. At the same ailment most people start to take various analgesics, some are simply trying to endure the pain, which can not be done strictly. The most sensible thing to see a doctor to determine the cause of pain, because it eliminates the need to first and foremost it.

If this disease is not a sign of any serious disease, to deal with it, you can use the recipes of our grandmothers. Take a pinch of coriander fruits, herbs Melissa and mint and pour 100 grams of vodka. Leave for days in a dark place, then strain. In the prepared infusion wet handkerchief and apply to the affected area with strong pains. Quickly cope with the pain herbal. Take 50 grams of mint leaves, fireweed, oregano. Ingredients chop and mix thoroughly. One tablespoon of herb mixture pour two cups of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Means it is necessary to take half a glass twice a day.

If the cause of the pain is cold, will help menthol oil. Rub his temples, forehead. You can also use lemon juice. In the cup boiling water brew a tablespoon of red clover flowers and leave for one hour. Drink 100 grams three times a day. Take some fresh potatoes, rub them on a fine grater, squeeze the juice. Take 50 grams three times a day before meals. One tablespoon of herb St. John's wort pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes, strain. Broth eat three tablespoons 3 times a day. Means eliminates the headaches of a different nature. Also try sniffing powder letters.

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