How to deal with back pain

How to deal with back pain
 Oddly enough, on its own back person knows very little. But problems arise most often suddenly ... Contrary to popular belief, not all of the pain associated with the spine. Often hurt weak muscles of the torso.
 They say that with back pain need to sit up straight. Slouching and bad posture, of course - the unpleasant phenomenon, but excessive frankness and voltage overload the muscles of the back, and so she starts to hurt even more. It is better to relax the back, occasionally leaning back in his chair or chair and stretching. And for the prevention of back pain is worth a try during the working day standing some cases (for example, talk on the phone or surf the paper).

The horizontal position of the back pain is unlikely to help. Even lying on a hard mattress - not the most effective means. All individually. Some post-acquisition firm mattress back starts to hurt even more. By the way, the doctors found that the healthiest back - the inhabitants of Spain, where the average spread mattresses hardness.

Choose a comfortable mattress. However, this does not mean that the constant lying on it to help cope with the pain in his back. Walking, physiotherapy and especially swimming - more important than any drug! Daily charge for the back, recommended by a doctor, quickly eliminate the pain and prevent recurrences. Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) and overweight - the main enemies back. Energetic people rarely suffer from back pain. And the signs of the activity should be regular. Five days a passive office and two days of sharp load in the gym - not the best option; In this case, the spin can start to hurt even more.

For back pain should not be afraid to lift a small weight - it's also a kind of exercise. Only it does not bend back. Bend your legs and place the load close to your body, and not at arm's length. Avoid twisting with the load in the hands (when the feet remain in place, and turn only the upper part of the body). Do not pick up anything from the floor while sitting on a chair.

However, the back muscles may ache and intoxication (a prime example - aching bones during a cold). Gives pain in the back and kidney ailments and diseases of the pancreas, and during menstruation. Nerve damage, degenerative processes in the intervertebral discs (osteochondrosis), even stress - all of which can cause back pain. Only in these cases should be treated not back ...

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