How to beat the pain of osteoarthritis

How to beat the pain of osteoarthritis
 Pain in osteochondrosis may be concerned for years, if not in time to see a doctor. To return the movable body and get rid of the discomfort, it is necessary to undergo treatment, which includes not only receiving painkillers.  
 If you can not at the moment to go to a specialist, try to alleviate their condition on their own. But this does not mean that the visit to the hospital can and do set aside. If you do not treat low back pain, it will occur frequently.

Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They not only will remove the pain, but also help to remove the inflammation of bone tissue, which is frequently observed in osteochondrosis. Of course, this type of tablets should be prescribed by a doctor, but if you do not suffer from allergies and you're okay with the stomach, take, for example, "Nise", "Kokstral", "Diclofenac" or similar means. Please consult with at least pharmacist.

Against the background of pills is not contraindicated and use ointments. Nice to relieve pain products containing snake or bee venom. Carefully read the summary and only then proceed to use the ointment. We must not forget that the active substances are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and if used incorrectly can be a means to poison.

Put the mustard on the sore spot or apply dry heat. For example, suitable for a red-hot frying pan salt, pour in thick woolen socks. Warming are very important in the treatment of degenerative disc disease. If you have a heating pad, then use it.

Take a hot bath. In water, add a large amount of sea salt - about 500-1000 In salt contains a large amount of nutrients that are fully heals the human skeletal system.

Do not forget to visit the doctor, even if the pain is gone. In some cases, need help of a professional masseur or a chiropractor. Also prescribe physiotherapy and acupuncture. It all depends on the clinical picture of osteochondrosis.

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