How to beat depression

How to beat depression
 Psychological problems associated with depression are increasingly concerned about the people at any time of year, especially sharply manifested in the fall and early winter. Unfortunately, today is not certain until the cause of the disease, known only general observations of psychologists and psychotherapists, confirming that cause depression can be stress.
 Symptoms of depression include lethargy, indifference, a sense of worthlessness, loneliness, frequent urge to cry, emotional depression. If these symptoms suddenly began to show a greater or lesser degree, a number of simple guidelines to help them cope with quite successfully.

Avoid people with whom you dislike to meet. If this can not be achieved, try to make contact with them to a minimum.

Try to make your own day regimen and follow it. Be sure to include in the schedule a little morning exercises and make sure that managed to sleep at least eight hours per day.

Listen to soft music, which is associated with something joyful, bright, warm. Watch funny movies, best comedy, during which you can nahohotatsya enough.

Take food dishes and foods rich in magnesium: nuts, green peas, seaweed, buckwheat and oats. Eat chocolate: it is also great uplifting. And also very useful in the propensity to depression feast on bananas.

Treat yourself to new clothes. Even if not very densely with money, let it be some kind of trinket that will make the day more festive.

Meditate. This will help to find inner harmony and believe in your unlimited power.

Do not drink black coffee. He exacerbates stress. Replace it with green tea, it will be much more useful for the organism as a whole and will help relieve the tension.

Wear beautiful things, better light. This is especially true of outerwear, which is bought on cold days.

Sing. In the kitchen, while cleaning the bathroom. This will drive drowsiness and cheer.

Try to find a hobby. But in any case, do not force yourself to do something that would be of little interest to you. Activity also should be selected by the type of his character. For those who like to spend time at home, you can do needlework. For travelers will be interested to work in photography. Sociable people can find themselves in charitable activities.

Fill your life pleasant and joyful event in full, to the brim, you just do not leave it in place for depression.

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