How to beat breast cancer

How to beat breast cancer
 Breast cancer - a common disease that is most common after age 35. But if the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, it can win. The main thing - to contact an occupational therapist, and not to trust their health to different healers.
 First of all, believe in their recovery. Gloomy thoughts contribute to the development of depression and slow down the process of recovery. Go full inspection at the oncologist. Only after that the doctor will be able to pick you up optimally suitable course of treatment. Usually carried out to remove the tumor and surrounding metastases. When the tumor is large, it is possible and complete removal of the affected breast. After this course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

During treatment, try to eat as much as possible. But in patients receiving drugs often lost appetite, which in turn leads to a weakening of the body and reduce the level of white blood cells. To restore the appetite to walk more, take vitamin C before eating. In your diet should include as many fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. Eating meat with cancer only in limited quantities, as animal protein stimulates the growth of tumors.

After treatment be sure to visit your doctor. You need to be screened once every few months, in some cases, and more. If the cancer appears again, then you will again hold a course of therapy.

To maintain your health, take vitamin and antioxidant complexes, as well as all prescribed for you by your doctor. Keep track of the intestine - it should be cleaned daily. If it does not, then eat more nuts and other foods rich in fiber.

Take or not take herbs and fees? It is impossible to say for sure. To some extent, they help in the treatment of breast cancer, but only on a background of drug therapy. Talk about it with the oncologist, who watches over your illness. But we can say for certain that rely on the power of nature is not necessary.

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