How quickly cure a stye

How quickly cure a stye
 Stye - an acute purulent inflammation of the sebaceous gland edge of the eyelid. This disease is accompanied by edema century. In addition, the body temperature can rise to appear malaise and headache. Fast cure stye can.
 Once at the edge of the century began to appear reddish swelling to the eye you need to make a hot compress of chamomile or soaked in hot water, compressed air.

Effective means of barley - the juice of aloe leaves. You need to cut the sheet triennial Aloe, wash it under running water and place in the refrigerator (at least for a couple of hours, but the longer the better). After that you must squeeze the juice of aloe, dilute it with warm boiled water (ratio: 1 to 10) and make lotions.

Calendula is considered to be an excellent tool used in inflammation of the eye. We need to take ten to fifteen grams of dried flowers, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for forty minutes, and then strain. Infusion of calendula diluted boiled warm water (1:10) and make compresses or lotions.

The positive effect in the treatment of barley tea gives burdock.

In addition, the barley can be quickly cured when burying "sulfacetamide" (one or two drops of eye 4-6 hours), and use a special ophthalmic antibiotic ointment, for example, levomitsetinovuyu ointment.

Along with the local treatment recommended intake of vitamins A and C are responsible for the health of the skin. Another important factor in this case diet for cleaning of all body systems, which consists in the use of raw fruits and vegetables, mineral water, herbal teas, fruit juices and yogurt for a week. According to naturopaths, such a diet will strengthen the immune system and interferes with the re-development of acute purulent inflammation.

Barley in any case can not be squeezed out, because the infection can get into the blood vessels surrounding tissue and lead to cellulitis. If the inflammation persists, you must visit a doctor and this is better not to delay.

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