Food allergy in toddler

Food allergy in toddler
 Poor environment, poor quality food and polluted air allergy small children, unfortunately, is converted norm. Only a small percentage of children do not suffer from those or other manifestations of this scourge.

Where does the allergy in children, especially those who are breastfed? The entire period of gestation the child was in a sterile environment. At birth, his body began to be populated by bacteria, while not all of them are useful properties.

Food allergies are caused by proteins that are present in foods. Gastrointestinal tract of the child is not perfect, so pathogenic allergic substances just to get into the blood. The body reacts to the stimulus form of allergic reaction.

Allergy is also transmitted by inheritance. If one of the parents has a predisposition to the disease, almost always it occurs and the child. During pregnancy can also affect the health of the baby. Play a role here, and maternal smoking, and the use of high-calorie foods, and it is too dry or humid climate.

Allergy symptoms can be considered as redness of the cheeks, the appearance of prickly heat at the slightest overheating, diaper rash in the groin and armpits, upset his chair and flatulence. All seen phenomena should immediately inform your doctor who will take all the necessary tests and prescribe treatment. Attempts to yourself to get rid of allergies can cause harm to the health of the baby.

Knowing all of these risks of allergies, should be very attentive to the child's diet. If he is breastfed, mother should very carefully choose foods eaten. With artificial feeding to weaning onset allergic says cow's milk protein intolerance.

Symptoms at introduction of complementary foods should immediately alert you. Take a break in the use of this product. To prevent such a reaction to the new dishes lure should be introduced gradually, starting with 0, 5 tsp. If the power does not fit the child during the day must appear allergic reaction.

As treatment is usually prescribed a strict diet and exclusion from the diet of allergic stimuli. In addition to this you can prescribe ointments, oils and other medications that relieve the child from the external signs of the disease (rash, peeling skin on the head, diaper rash, swelling, runny nose).

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