Folk remedies for heartburn

Folk remedies for heartburn
 Heartburn - a rather unpleasant phenomenon. It arises because the acidic environment of the stomach, i.e. gastric juice after ingestion thrown into the esophagus. Everywhere heartburn occurs in pregnant women. This is due to the fact that the fruit during its growth and development take more space in the mother and her weight presses on her stomach.

The pharmacy can find medicines that allow relieve the symptoms of heartburn, but it is better to resort to traditional medicine that is more accessible and secure.

It is best to cope with bouts of heartburn sweetened juice with pulp from fresh cranberries. You can buy frozen berries and unfreeze them at room temperature. Berries should be cautious sort, free from twigs and rinse in cool water. Then add sugar in an amount such that the excessive acid had disappeared, and was pleasant to drink juice. And grind cranberries with sugar with a wooden tolkushkoy for potatoes. You can use a meat grinder or a juicer, but there is no guarantee that after such a procedure does not acquire berries taste of metal oxides. The resulting mass is put in a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator. It is best to do this cranberry harvesting in small amounts to be spent quickly. Suffice it to 1 liter of cranberry to produce approximately 1 kg of sweet berry puree. During an attack of heartburn, spread a small amount of cranberry mass of water and drink the beverage. Heartburn will disappear very quickly.

There are other, equally delicious ways to deal with heartburn. The most popular of them - take a pinch of baking soda and drink a glass of cold water. In addition, good help for heartburn calamus root. Enough to chew a small piece, and, if desired, wash it down with water. For the same purpose can be morning fasting chew a little sorrel. Or buckwheat overcook a dry frying pan until dark, grind in a coffee grinder and take a pinch of 3-4 times a day.

Another recipe for heartburn: 20 g of yellow gentian root insist in a glass of boiling water and drain. Take 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before eating.

Heartburn and pain in the stomach and still use this method: dry powdered herbs yarrow, St. John's wort and Cudweed mixed in equal amounts. Insist 3 tablespoons of the mixture into 1 liter of boiling water, strain and drink half a glass 4-5 times a day.

Has healing properties and coal. Half a teaspoon of birch bark ash or coal powder to put in your mouth and then drink some water. The procedure is done 3-4 times a day. One can take an ordinary activated charcoal tablets.

Help heartburn and this infusion: 4 of grass St. John's wort, 4 parts of chamomile flowers and 1 part herb plantain in a dry powdered form mixed, take 3 tablespoons of the mixture and pour boiling water. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Another folk remedy for heartburn: 4 teaspoons dried crushed purple inflorescences Dubrovnik pour 1 cup boiling water and take a little during the day.

Potato juice, is treated not only heartburn and gastric ulcer. Within a month, you need to take the juice of fresh potatoes a quarter cup for 15-20 minutes before meals.

And finally: if you frequently suffer from heartburn, try to eat every day on an empty stomach buckwheat, exclude from your diet spicy, fried and fatty foods, including olive and flaxseed oil, drink more fluids during the day, and this unpleasant phenomenon will occur you much less frequently, and may disappear altogether.

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