Fatigue - a disease

Fatigue - a disease
 In our time, probably, everyone at least sometimes feel tired and overwhelmed. Only some have seen as a result of prolonged fatigue loads and labor disappears after a good rest. Others have fatigue - a chronic disease that is not so easy to get rid of.

Chronic fatigue, from a medical point of view, is characterized as a disease. It appears to lack a sense of intellectual or physical energy.

Fatigue is divided into two types. First - it is deserved, its natural appearance, easily treatable. May occur as a result of intense mental or physical labor. Has the ability to quickly pass, as soon as people allow themselves a good proportionate load rest.

The second type of fatigue - more serious, "paralyzing". The man running out of power, he becomes bleak, "unsupportable". Characteristic features of such fatigue: minimalism (doing all in a minimum without straining), indifference, loss of sense of humor.

This type of fatigue does not disappear even after a good rest. This so-called chronic fatigue - a disease of the 21st century. It can develop on the background of the following possible conditions:

- Reduction of immunity;
- Depression;
- Chronic inflammatory process;
- Atherosclerosis of the brain;
- Hypothyroidism (thyroid disease).

How can defeat this disease? If the first kind of tired "sick" to cope on their own, it is worth only a few days to relax and laze, the second much more complicated. Here it will need medical care. Only the main condition - it is the desire of the patient to get rid of the disease, or even a doctor will not help.

"Ill" person just need to pull yourself together! He should try to accept the treatment as filling themselves with a new, fresh air, positive emotions, movement, dreams and ideas. Must "breathe" from himself all unnecessary "waste." People will be able to feel healthy only when able to live as running his heart: a second without sparing himself, without getting tired.

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