Diagnosis or sentence: paralysis of the limbs

Diagnosis or sentence: paralysis of the limbs
 Paralysis of the limbs - one of the most severe condition of the patient. Many patients regard it as a sentence. But in medicine, there are methods that can help to recover, so do not throw the fight ahead of time for recovery.

Paralysis of the limbs is of two kinds - the central and peripheral. Central paralysis caused by brain damage that leads to the disruption of the extremities. This type is often a consequence of stroke. If there was a stroke in the right hemisphere of the brain, then paralysis develops on the left side, and vice versa.

When the central paralysis prescribers who aim to improve blood flow in the head and include substances for the recovery of damaged brain cells. Also prescribe sodium hydroxybutyrate and vitamins to reduce the consumption of oxygen by the brain.

After the paralysis of the affected area must be secured in such a position that does not will develop processes that impede recovery. Widely used passive gymnastics and massage.

To cure was possible medical uses feedback phenomenon with the brain. Signals are from the affected limb that make the brain to renew the lost function.

Flaccid paralysis occurs as a result of nerve damage. The most frequent phenomenon is a tunnel neuropathies, which occurs due to compression of the damaged area from the outside and subsequent exposure to cartilage or bone.

This type of paralysis treated with physiotherapy methods. Widely used electrophoresis. In the course of treatment includes massages, mud treatments considered effective and radon baths. Of drugs is assigned a B vitamin intake and aloe extract. In severe cases require surgery.

There are many examples of people using drugs, gymnastic exercises and massage rose to his feet, so he heard such a diagnosis should not despair. This is not a sentence, and can be effectively fought.

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