Delicately: 9 ways to treat hyperhidrosis

Delicately: 9 ways to treat hyperhidrosis
 What could be more unpleasant smell of sweat? Especially in summer when the heat is unbearable. That only uses people to eliminate excessive sweating. However, even special deodorants and multiple showering per day do not save the situation. Everything points to the presence of hyperhidrosis.

To cure sweating must follow some important rules. The first step is to review your diet. For example, products such as chocolate, tea, cocoa, coffee contribute to increased sweating. In connection with these on their consumption must be abandoned.

A necessary condition for the treatment of hyperhidrosis is good hygiene. Take a shower in the morning and evening. Stop using synthetic clothes. Wardrobe should consist of comfortable clothing, which consists of only natural fibers.

Can significantly reduce perspiration through special preparations. These include the "Maxim", "Drisol" and "Odoban." These antiperspirants are effective, but there are cases of allergy.

Positive results in the fight against sweating shows electrophoresis. Nine sessions enough to notice the effect. Possible side effects. It burns, itching, irritation, redness. Also worth noting is that the effect of the procedure is short, so treatment from time to time be repeated.

You can use drugs. However, for improving required dose often results in side effects.

Good and stable results in excessive sweating can achieve botulinum toxin injections. The disadvantage of this method is only that the procedure must be repeated every six months. Moreover, the course fee is quite high.

Consistent results over several years can be achieved by sympathectomy. Operation target - pinch nerves that are associated with the sweat glands. The method is quite effective, but has a lot of side effects.

Also used for hyperhidrosis curettage. The doctor makes a small incision through which scrape the inner skin. The effect lasts up to six months. Possible complications in the form of scarring of the skin, the withering away of the skin in the armpit and so on.

One hundred percent effect is an operation aimed at eliminating skin graft in sweating. Disadvantages of the method include serious side effects, up to disturbance of mobility of the upper extremities.

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