Causes of metabolic disorders

Causes of metabolic disorders
 All the transformations of matter and energy that occur in the body, resulting in unnecessary material displayed, and allocate necessary for life energy called metabolism. Normal metabolism ensures proper operation of all systems of the human body.

Metabolic disorders can have serious consequences and cause a variety of intractable diseases such as gout, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, including malignant and others.

Among the causes of metabolic disorders called permanent deficit of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids in the human diet, bad ecology, genetic predisposition to various metabolic disorders, a large number of heavy metals in the body and abnormalities in the immune system. However, the main and most common cause improper metabolism even in childhood are in violation of the nervous system, referred to as stress.

The way of life of modern man - is a constant stress: tobacco, alcohol, lack of exercise, chronic sleep deprivation, family problems and stressful situations at work, inability to adapt to even minor changes in your life, and the more serious emotional distress. All this inevitably leads to changes in the metabolic processes of the body.

Another common cause of metabolic disorders is to comply with different diets for weight loss. As a result of exclusion from the diet of many nutrients and necessary for the proper functioning of the body products comes an acute shortage of certain substances, which in turn can lead to vitamin deficiency, brittle hair, tooth loss, and other diseases. At the same time the basis of all diets is typically a small number of products, the excessive use of which can cause various allergic reactions.

Always remember that many problems can be avoided by observing the mode of wakefulness and sleep, adhering to proper balanced diet and treating easily and gratitude to life and to everything that is happening around them.

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