Bioresonance therapy: treatment of the future

Bioresonance therapy: treatment of the future
 Bioresonance therapy - a relatively new trend in curative and preventive medicine. This method is based on the most current knowledge of biophysics. Its specificity is that BRT has an impact on the information field of the human body, and as a healing factor uses its own electromagnetic oscillations person who first converted into the right direction, and then returned to the person. The patient is treated own life energy.
 Bioresonance therapy destroys or reduces the negative, pathological information. This is followed by
restoring and enhancing immunity. First, BRT intended to treat diseases such as allergic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and pollinosis. Positively proved himself this method in diseases of the central nervous system. Phobias, enuresis, hyperexcitability, sleep disorders, neuroses - all these disorders to treat.

And also to aid in the treatment of BRT resort diseases such as radiculitis, migraine, neuralgia, neuritis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidney and urinary tract, the digestive system, including the stomach ulcers and 12 - duodenum, liver and biliary tract. Proved the effectiveness of therapy and at such issues as adnexitis, prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

Most bioresonance therapy is used to treat people with allergies. Since this increased sensitivity to any substance, using the device information of the substance is converted and sent back to the human body.

And then all the laws of physics: the exact mirror image of the waves imposed on it just leads to its extinction. It should be noted that once the disease does not recede. The human body - a complex device, so the process should be repeated, and only with the systematic treatment of information material, which has a negative impact on a person completely extinguished. This is possible if the allergen is well established and determined if the source of negative information. In addition, frequently allergy - extensive disease, and the elimination of an allergic reaction to one plant, pollen or fluff does not mean that the body is completely cured of the disease.

Another advantage of the method is that it has no side effects, suitable for both adults and children, the treatment has no exposure. Only a few exceptions bioresonance therapy can be used in almost any disease.

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