Why can not we find a prince

Why can not we find a prince
 The idea of ​​a prince on a white horse, worried, or at least affected in varying degrees, any girl. Imaginary and sincere feminists do not count. And variations of jokes about white Mercedes and multiple horses of Prince underscore the urgency of the problem of the sexes. Whether it's a rich and self-sufficient beauty or modest housewife, for which the family is the meaning of all life - all want the same, namely, find a decent man and proud to call him their prince.
 But after a year, and another one, and Prince is not. During this time you meet a lot of people, and not very pleasant, inveterate egoists, good company, good lovers, incorrigible hypocrites and other males. Many of them linger with you for a while, some disappear from life forever. And relentlessly ticking biological clock hateful, otstukivaya every minute in your fevered mind. To break this vicious circle and not to turn his life into a nightmare is possible if the answer myself a few questions.

 Firstly, why the family or a man-Prince is the meaning of your life. After all, it is in itself too multifaceted to drive themselves in such a framework. Because, the longer your thoughts, the more difficult to achieve the desired. In other words, try to think more broadly than the society, not had time to recover from the restructuring. Set your own priorities and their own goals, and only then your life will seem interesting and meaningful. And most importantly, that under such circumstances, the main role will belong to you, not your relatives, friends or acquaintances.

 Second, always be honest with yourself. Think at least once over, why do you need a relationship or family. You can come to the conclusion that you and she does not need. This happens in the cell of society need not all, and that's fine. Manage to distinguish real desire to start a family with Prince on the desire to avoid social stigma.

 And, thirdly, do not believe those who are convinced that the prince was not enough. Simply, they are different and they have enough on those who at least sometimes looks around. Decide what's important to you in the future elect, what qualities he must possess in order to proudly wear the title of "Prince." It is always easier to look for something that you have a clear idea of ​​what an uncertain character from a fairy tale.

 And finally, be attentive to her. It is possible that, having found the prince, you can not match it. After all, he, too, is likely to need a princess. And here we must always be fully prepared. Not to mention the fact that you need to look great, education, habits and rules of etiquette not been canceled yet no prince. In general, the need to match. Start right now to prepare themselves to meet their own destiny. Be specific and attentive to their own desires, because they have a habit of coming true.

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