One-time sex "for" and "against"

One-time sex "for" and "against"
 Sex is Estesstvenno physiological needs, and nothing to do with it is impossible. You can try not to think about it, send your address sexual ardor into the mainstream of work, etc. But this does not solve the problem: a man needs sex. Even disposable. With its positive and negative sides.

It is not true that sex for one night came to us with a variety of restructuring and copying Western stereotypes. Otherwise, where would our Soviet Union would take heroic and then condemned by many single mothers, who have decided to become so, despite the general disapproval and seemingly life labeled as a woman, "walk up" of the child?

And let the bigots and moralists assert that one-time sex - it is immoral, disgusting and despicable. He was, is and will be. Like any phenomenon it has positive and negative aspects, its "pros" and "cons".

Let us negative, which carries a one-time sex. More often than not (and it is necessary to recognize) such intimacy happens partners suddenly. That is spontaneously arise some sense of sexual thrust to each other, and people can not resist this strong instinct - the instinct of pairing. But they can not resist often because of their condition, which is far from sober. That is, while partners are in varying degrees of intoxication (alcohol, drug or other) and blurred the brain is unable to control the desired degree of generally accepted standards of behavior. This situation is not uncommon for corporate events with a fair amount of alcohol, nightlife and friendly after-dinner parties.

After sexual intercourse or the morning after the incident, when the clarification in the head still occurs, former sexual partners may regret what happened and feel a sense of shame and embarrassment. Sometimes they occur in humans strongly enough, especially if it is at the same time changed its second half. Understanding the lowlands of the act and the feeling of guilt can poison in this case is not one day of life. A spontaneous one-time sex, which was not, moreover, safe, and can bring more troubles with health (sexually transmitted diseases and diseases, sexually transmitted diseases are very common). Thought the same about possible HIV infection generally denies "stumbled" sleep and rest for at least 6 months prior to final confirmation of test results. Possible and completely planned pregnancy partner also does not include the expected best moments in life.

What else is "against"? One-time sex, for all its ease about the situation and the lack of commitment can play with the fans so close to a bad joke, when sex and sexual intercourse cease to be perceived as a kind of sacrament between two people as the highest degree of openness and trust, and become just satisfaction physiological needs and relieve sexual tension.

But single-sex and there are positive aspects. As already mentioned, it is the removal of sexual arousal, stress and satisfaction of pleasure. After all, a man of many sexually frustrated annoyed he was dissatisfied with the surrounding situation (it happens that even working), picky and aggressive. This is reflected not only in his family (ie, parents or children), but also to colleagues. Therefore, the one-time sex to which the person is voluntarily and with full knowledge of the situation could bring him a lot of benefits.

It should also think about the fact that psychologically with the man also is a winner: he realizes that he sexually attractive and it is very raises his self-esteem as a representative of a particular sex - woman feel beautiful and desirable, and a man proud of the ability to captivate a woman and spend a full sexual intercourse.

It should also be said that the one-time sex sometimes almost the only way to get a long-awaited single woman and pregnancy to become a mother, because few dare to artificial insemination.

In general, one-time sex - is a great way to show your attitude to life, to sensual pleasure and show their natural sexuality, because in bed you can afford all the things that came to mind long lonely nights (unless the partner is not against), because this man in his bed (and sometimes in their lives) you'll never see. And, hence, it should not be ashamed of. Although, the partner on one night can teach so much fun and joyful moments that memories of this will warm you both to old age.

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