Love at a distance

Love at a distance
 Modern technology has allowed people to communicate over great distances from each other. Phones and computers have become commonplace things in our lives. And, accordingly, there was such a thing as love at a distance.  

The feeling of love at a distance of heated sense of mystery. It arises due to the fact that the other person is not fully revealed when communicating. Therefore, everyone has to append to the image of man's imagination. This leads to the idealization of the interlocutor, and the feeling of love.

Love at a distance arises mainly due to the fact that people in everyday life feels alone and unclaimed in the family. Non-folding personal life forces to look for love in the vast expanses of the Internet or send an SMS to a phone number, ticker flashed on the TV screen. Often the relationship on the side make life such a person really rich and vibrant. In the eyes of love blossoms, his life was transformed.

In such a state of love can be long. Often people adoring the distance, expect each message or call a loved one. They are not particularly important sexual side of the relationship, it is more platonic love.

People experiencing love at a distance may never even meet each other. The duration of this relationship depends on themselves lovers, because basically feeling after a certain time just burn out, and people are still good friends.

Not as rare opposite situation, when they meet, and subsequently form a happy family. This is due mainly to the fact that people love each other not for looks initially, but for the character. When beginning to meet and live together, it turns out that they do not represent life without each other.

Of course, there is a third version of the situation - this meeting, which leads to a sudden love its end. This is due to the fact that idealizes love and a partner at the meeting understands how badly mistaken in their submissions. Of course, people for some time can communicate and meet, but over time the relationship come to naught.

Love at a distance - a remarkable phenomenon. But be reasonable person and try not to idealize a loved one. Do not tighten with the meeting for months, a personal acquaintance immediately clarify the situation. And you will realize your a man or a need to further continue the search for a life partner.

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