How do you know it's love

How do you know it's love
 It often happens that a young couple for a long time talking and spending all their free time together, having a certain period of close relationships, starts to think about whether there is between this light feeling - love.  

First of all there is the question before to tie the knot with his other half, because everyone dreams to marry or marry for love. In fact, love - that feeling that manifests itself after some time from months to several years. Love a man only after long and frequent communication stay with him.

Most often, love is accompanied by habit, when you start to understand that you can not live anymore without their partner. At our first meeting and early communication can occur only love. In this case, you are attracted to a partner's appearance, behavior or interests.

Love may also disappear quickly as they appeared, rather than love, which can pass only after many years, and maybe forever. If a woman wants to understand, test whether any man to her feelings of love, then most likely, it can be only love. Well, if a woman tormented by the question, whether she loves this man, it was up to the path of love, and maybe even loves this man.

When a person begins to love your partner, it is first of all think not only about themselves but also about their half equally. In any disputes and disagreements loving person begins to care not only about their own interests, but also to take into consideration the interests of his partner. Prior to the feelings of love a person needs to grow. Loving person is a wise and profound. Before this feeling man loves, feels and understands himself and his family, and love others, previously unknown man, he begins to think and care not only about themselves but also about its second half.

Love in our world today is less common love, precisely because psevdolyubvi in ​​life often break young marriages. Love - it's a big job, because when it is necessary to learn to understand the other person as well as yourself, so without faith and hope there can be no love.

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