Give flowers to men

Give flowers to men
Many women regardless of status, age, social status and character are happy to accept donated flowers. After all colors highlight the beauty, femininity and charm of one who intended. Is it only for women dignity and quality can stress donated flowers? Do not they will be able to emphasize the masculine qualities such as strength, nobility and courage? Not at all. Some colors are associated with even better features male character. So do not be afraid to give them to men.

Flowers man should give not only on anniversaries and celebrations, but in honor of any success - the completion of major projects, the successful premiere sporting victories, etc. If we are talking about a loved one, you can give him the flowers on February 23 Day Wife on Valentine's Day, and on the anniversary of dating.

To donated flowers were appreciated by a man, observe some rules of flower etiquette.

Men's bouquets are very different from women. Men should give large, dark colors (maroon and red, blue and purple). Delicate, small, pastel-colored bouquets are not suitable as a gift for the stronger sex.

When making a bouquet for a man, do not use: sequins, ribbons, foil and various excesses. It would be inappropriate. Bouquet for the stronger sex, should have a strict view, the shape - elongated with a predominance of straight lines and angles.

Perfect colors for men - is calla lilies, birds of paradise, irises, roses, etc. Consider their values. Strelitzia symbolizes masculinity and courage, you can give your loved one as well as the chief. Callas - great colors for universal male flowers. They symbolize the judgment, balance and serenity. Rose - a symbol of passion and love, so giving them only loved one. Irises represent courage, confidence and wisdom. They are perfectly combined with a variety of colors. Lily is suitable for men as well as expresses gratitude and wish prosperity. Sunflower symbolizes individuality, strength and pride.

A great gift for the man basket is dark in color with a bouquet of flowers and embedded in her surprise. For example: brandy and chocolates, whiskey and fruit.

A classic gift for a business partner or boss-man is considered "solid" pot plants. Obvious examples of plants that have "male" energy, are - anthurium and Crassula (money tree).

At all times, flowers are the best gift. There is no distinction between male and female. Together with a bunch of you give respect and love, as well as a part of himself. Break down prejudices and stereotypes. Give flowers to men, they deserve it.

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