Do not get along ...

Do not get along ...
 In recent years, based on the vast majority of divorces is still the same prosaic reason - dissimilarity of characters. And very few people come to mind to decipher the cause of this detail, it is far easier podgresti under it all the current problems and conflicts within the family.

In fact, the dissimilarity of characters has much deeper roots than personal and other seemingly innocent inconsistencies. Many young people tend to attribute this serious because every little quarrel which will be an occasion to scattered around the apartment men's socks or maiden many hours chatting with friends. Taking the lack of experience of living together for a radical dissimilarity of characters, such couples break up and are looking for a new happiness, while the patience and tact could keep a happy relationship for years to come.

Thus, the dissimilarity of characters categorically not associated with household incompatibility or mismatch of biorhythms of both spouses, as is often becoming a cause of quarrel. Then what is the true meaning of the term, and why he is credited as a formidable force and power over the couple in love?

Most often, the dissimilarity of characters shown because of differences of origin and social status. As cynical as it may sound, but, following the words of the poet, and indeed "in one cart can not harness a horse and quivering doe." No matter how strong or was the idea of ​​indiscriminate equality promoted by us for decades, the reality of its practicality is questionable. After all, the person's social status is expressed not in the presence of financial well-being, and in the level of training, education and other high quality, developing in a whole string of generations. Herself to say the difference in the views of people of different social strata, and only great love is capable of supporting such a marriage.

Dissimilarity of characters also often attributed to the mismatch of temperaments. This applies both to the intimate life and everyday. Seething passion and cold just do not get along as energy and excessive tardiness. And, despite the similarity in other criteria, the difference pace of life is not often promotes family life.

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