Can I save my love: a joke about serious

Can I save my love: a joke about serious
 The sad truth of the Bible states: "Everything passes, and it will pass! "So when love comes to us, we sometimes thought with horror that it is a wonderful feeling and can leave us through time. But love gives a man pleasure and gives him strength, so it would be desirable that it settled in my heart forever. And, you know, have the opportunity to fulfill this dream.

You can fall in love with an unattainable ideal, next to which all actually existing princes will look paler their white horses. Typically, the role of the Ideal appointed some Enrique Iglesias, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. It's a win-win, because you will grow up together with them, and becoming an old woman, and all continue to love the aged idols. Besides, you never know how they snore, do not see them in the morning and rumpled, unshaven faces. This will not get any love or testing or shock, so it will last ... until you grow up really!

There is another way to love forever, tell us a Don Juan. He never waited until finally feeling cool and at the first signs of cooling immediately sought a new object of his adoration. Now this method is used by both men and women. But keep yourself in a loving tone for a long time is very tiring, moreover, there is a danger of the duel, even for handbags, and the statue of the order and look for can be a loving sinner.

And, you can come up with an insurmountable obstacle between you and some actually existing Tristan. According to medieval legend, lovers Tristan and Isolde, a foreign bride, slept in the same bed, putting together a naked sword. Great idea, which you can use in our time. Just place the sword can take different religious beliefs, social status and simply lack the mansion and foreign cars from your Tristan.

Well, seriously, I love, it's hard work, and work on yourself. And eternal love exists for those who are willing to keep and cherish it, to compromise and compromise its ambitions. After the passion that accompanies love, comes less passionate, but full of tenderness, warmth and trust between love. If you're willing to not lose this feeling of mutual claims, arguments and suspicions, we hope that you will carry him through his entire life.

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