9 Commandments happy relationships

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 Indicator happy relationships - smiles on the faces of both partners. When one of them loves and love, relationships are built in the best possible way. In order to make them happy enough to listen to your heart. However, if it is still silent, you simple tips will help the great sages.
 1. Kindness. In any relationship, first of all think about what you are able to give a person, not what to take with him. Good impulses that will come from you are able to bring to you the same good people and great relationships.

2. Friendship and respect. Try to be a true friend to your partner. Find your beloved common interests, goals, beliefs. Ask yourself: "What I respect my beloved? "And list these qualities or other characteristics. In fact, you can even respect those who you do not like. Friendship and respect are the foundation on which you can base a happy relationship.

3. Touch. At the touch of another man there is a great force that can administer magic. Ordinary hug can completely destroy the barriers between people. Opening their arms to another person, you open your heart.

4. Freedom. The more you love someone, the more freedom they gave him. Let him do as he likes, but not you. Let him be as he chooses, even if inside you all opposed to this.

5. Transparency. Do not be afraid to talk blagovernomu nice words. Let the most expensive you people know that you love him. Often utter the magic words "I love you." Give to someone you love, words of tenderness, do not miss a chance to praise him for something.

6. Dedication. If you truly love someone, then no matter what happens - continues to love. Leave the person because of any wrongdoing - not an option for a loving person. Always be loyal to your relationship.

7. Passion. Genuine concern, enthusiasm and interest in the welfare of others - that is a real passion. It's easy to bring with the help of spontaneous action, recreating the last moment surprises.

8. Forgiveness. Try to immediately forgive a loved one, do not accumulate resentment, anger, negative emotions. Look at them inside and release.

9. Trust. In a relationship it is important to trust not only partners, but also by the relationship. Does not burden your love suspicions, jealousy, resentment - just trust what is. Try to do so that your relationship with the beloved never ended.

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