5 signs of true love

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 Found true love and be with the family man all his life, unfortunately, does not always work. Relations between men and women is often difficult to call this love. What is this feeling, and how to define it?
 Precise definition of "love" does not exist. This feeling is hard to explain in words - it can only be experienced. However, there are several signs of true love.

First, is the presence of strong feelings in the relationship and attachment to the person. If one of a pair of leaves somewhere far away or leave their partner for some time - the second may experience discomfort, anxiety as long as something is not distracted, not sure what his favorite all right, or it will not wait return. Indifference can not be in a relationship of loving people.

Second, is the concern about its second half. If a man loves a woman (or vice versa), he always worried that the partner was good. Due to the fact that the person concerned, he feels relaxed and comfortable, and aspires to be close to their loved ones.

Third, a desire to please the one you love. It is linked to the fact that couples often held little holidays, romantic evenings, going to the cinema, surprises, etc. If people do not like each other, they will be able to do duty on gifts calendar holidays.

Fourth, it is the presence of something in common between two loving people. This can be hobbies, interesting both friends, but most often it plans for the future. Loving people can not imagine myself individually, and their dreams and aspirations are always somehow related to each other.

Fifth, it is confidence in your partner - that he would never give, and will not leave. This quality allows loving people not to deprive each other of freedom of action and learn to trust each other, namely, the trust is usually built and the strongest relationship. Otherwise often arise scandals and quarrels, because of which the couple eventually parted.

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