Your first joint vacation

Your first joint vacation
 The first joint vacation - it can be said, a light version of their life together. You will be just the two of twenty-four hours a day. This test is not much under strength. But in your power to make the holiday was enjoyable and memorable.

Rule 1. All prepare.

Buy a travel guide, explore the internet for your trip, consider entertainment. Check with your companion, as he prefers to spend time on holiday and be sure to keep this in mind. For each day schedule one or two events, pick a restaurant. Good planning - the key to a successful holiday.
Do not forget to prepare himself: do hair removal, update haircut, strengthen hair - and then all of this you will not have to worry about on vacation.

In this case: Be spontaneous. Do not show him your plans as something binding. If he wants, let him offer you something to do. Or together to start up in "free floating" - go aimlessly around the city, looking at the shops and restaurants.

Rule 2. Carefully collect all the necessary

Men laugh at women, gaining two suitcases of things. At the same time, to whom he will seek a pill for a headache? That's right, you. So try to take everything that can come in handy extra. The list must necessarily enter all the medicines that you take the time, plus a potent means of various common problems: temperature, headache, toothache, stomach problems, lung injuries, corns. Also do not forget the needle and two or three colors of thread on a small coil, a few pins, scissors and chargers for everything that you carry.

In a separate notebook or a special piece of a guide write down the addresses of all the important places, useful telephone numbers and contacts. If you have a laptop with you - write down a couple of discs with movies, they take up very little space and can be very useful.

In this case: Throw out all unnecessary. Try to keep your suitcase was as light as possible. Firstly, you're probably going to shopping, right? Secondly, it is better to take an extra set of clothes than superfluous dress. Third - hit him with his ability to assemble.

Rule 3. Relax and enjoy

All the same, your first joint vacation is rest and not test for compatibility. Do not get too tense and try to match the image of the "ideal woman". Vacation with your loved one - it's great, and hence minor troubles like a pimple or blemish on the dress should not knock you off track.

Throw away all the problems and grievances, you can discuss them later, at home, if you do not wish to be held. Be positive, and partner probably answer you the same.

In this case: Do not relax too soon. Loss of passport at the airport is unlikely to favor your rest.

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