Virtual relationships

Virtual relationships
 Communication via the Internet is becoming more common. In a world where it is easier to send an email or go to the icq, than to meet and talk in person, it is inevitable. However, virtual dating still allow people to find each other: according to statistics, every eighth couple met in the United States it is through the Internet.
 Online dating sites has been steadily increasing its audience, and is not expected reasons for this trend to sleep. Therefore it is necessary to know the rules of the game when it comes to virtual communication, and maybe even relationships that begin on the Internet.

According to statistics, the majority of users of dating sites - this is the man. But women should not take the time to enjoy a lack of competition. Many say that the majority of men looking for dating, leading to sex, but no more, though, of course, there are those who seriously wish to find their "soul mate." Most looking for girls aged 20-25 years, but women 30-35 years interested in only 20% of the total number of men, but there is every reason to believe that this is the most serious contenders. Not all ladies who sign up on sites such serious about opportunities for prolonged contact. It happens that they are looking for a "relationship" for one night.

Online dating sites often choose to search for partners of women who have experienced divorce or separation serious. Getting out of depression, without which the few who can do, they notice that in nightclubs, mostly young people, and the bars go as something not used to. Internet seems quite reasonable option, especially since there can be conducted long conversations that will understand whether or not a person at all to meet. Most adults seeking to communicate on the Internet, it is quite normal people, adapted socially, their only problem is that they are unaccustomed to spend free time outside the home, and start not so easy. At the same time, when it comes to young boys and girls, the situation is different, often opposite.

The problem of virtual relationships that they are tightened, it becomes increasingly difficult to step over the line that separates the Internet novel of live communication. Many people hesitate to even spread their real photos. Some go so far as to give birth to love and relationships online, flatly refusing to meet in real life. Moreover, it applies equally to both women and men.

Virtual romance - it is safe. Even if someone disappointed, everything goes quite smoothly. There is no risk of rejection, whereas even surprised and disappointed expression online companion at a meeting can seriously unsettle shy man who behaves like the Internet sociable ladies' man.

Despite this, the virtual relationships can still turn into real. If people do what is called, found each other at the meeting were not disappointed, it happens that they stay together for a long time. Someone meets a partner on a dating site fast enough, and someone will take at least a year. It all depends on the seriousness of your intentions, as well as virtual activity and determination to transfer the novel into the real world.

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