The consequences of virtual love

The consequences of virtual love
 One of the most popular places to search for a friend, and, perhaps, to search for the "second half" - the Internet. If people used to meet and interact in cafes, restaurants, clubs and parks, now increasingly spend time online. Internet readily fills all spaces of real life and provides the ability to search for a life partner anywhere in the world.

Through the Internet, people are finding among a large number of contacts are the ones you need. For these purposes, some men and women, and go online, because there can be a matter of minutes to find a good company. Gradually develops into mutual interest hobby, then sometimes in love. Contactless communication contributes to the emergence of sympathy, as people on opposite sides of the wire guided by the logic of desire, whereby you can idealize themselves.

After all, what people write about themselves, is a reflection of their own thoughts about yourself. Virtually talking, they intuitively carry their dreams and desires in the way of his companion, passed primary selection. Much easier to be the personification of the ideal, because all the phrases carefully, and becomes no matter how uzhivchiv virtual interlocutor in reality.

People's opinions are divided about the possibility to experience real feelings, communicating with a person virtually. After all, as you can tell someone you love, if you have never seen him, never met his gaze, did not feel his presence? At the first real meeting, despite the depth of feeling, it is difficult to predict how close to reality represented by the image. And if the meeting will coincide with the virtual image of reality, at least partially, in the sense of consequence have a chance to be tested for strength.

But if the real contact with the people did not like each other at an unconscious level, or externally, such relations are unlikely to be further developed? Later, both men are frustrated and perhaps prolonged depression. However, immediately turn away from the person with whom a long time to maintain virtual relationships, not worth it. Better make the right decision and spend some time with a virtual partner. The Internet provides an opportunity to assess a person not on the external parameters, and the style of communication and conversation. Most people can tell the virtual friend that never dare say looking into his eyes.

Daily lovers do not cease to be surprised that you can experience a sense of very real, even without seeing his companion, and just feel like beating heart from the appearance of the network the person who will write once again that she loves. Reality goes by the wayside, the pressing problems not worry, as before, because it is not up to them. As a result, a handful of outstanding real problems increases, and postponed to a future period.

Friends and acquaintances begin to notice his eyes shining with happiness a man in love. But love is not always in the distance is long and well finished - will take a month, maybe two or three, and the relationship may cool. Gradually reduced to zero communication - it is the inevitable consequences of virtual love. However, if people have found the strength to meet, even if they are from each other by thousands of miles, and a measured change his quiet life for love, then they have every chance to live together until old age.

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