Love or habit

Love or habit
 Love, romance, passion - these feelings are at the beginning of the relationship almost every pair. But over time, giving way to a calm passion, romance replaced by pragmatism, and love dies, becomes a habit. Of course, such a fate befalls not all couples, some manage to maintain warm relations throughout married life. But even if that happens, then it is a bad thing?

What is love? The answer to this question is looking for people for many centuries, but still not close to, to give a precise definition of this feeling. And most likely, and this do not succeed.

For each man love his concept. For some, it is associated with passion, desire and execution-guess their partner - for others it is more peaceful feeling associated with the care, attention and readiness to be with your loved one and in sorrow and in joy.

And some people believe that love - this is just a set of chemical reactions. According to them, if we encountered a man who likes us both in appearance and in communion with whom have a common interest, the body begins to produce a variety of hormones that enhance the mood. During this period the person is in a state of euphoria, the whole world is painted for him in joyful colors.

But such a state can not last forever. After some time, the emotions subside, the person starts a sober assessment of their partner. If the actual image is very different from that which exists in the imagination of man, people leave. Otherwise relationship continues, but the passion and no more impulsivity.

Many people believe that during this period the love becomes a habit, affection. But is it bad? If the passion gone out of the relationship, romance, foolishness, but people respect, understand one another, they are pleased to take care of your partner, then it's very good. In this case, you may want to speak not of that family relationships have become a habit, and that love has moved to another level of quality.

But there are couples where really love passes. If a family is no understanding, spouses boring and uninteresting with each other, but they continue to live together, the relations are based only on the habit.

MUCH more comfortable to live with the old, but a familiar partner, rather than try to be really happy in my personal life. Why look for a new relationship, if all existing familiar, if you know what you can expect from your second half? And each new relationship it will only be worse? Or suddenly do not find a mate? We have common children, what will happen to them if we leave? Why change a comfortable life, and arranged for the opportunity to be happy?

That is, these considerations are forcing many families to exist together for many years, even if both spouses are not particularly happy. And sometimes it happens very, very sad. But many of these couples could dramatically change your life, if it were not afraid of change.

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