Learn how to understand men

Learn how to understand men
 Entering into a relationship with a man, a woman seeks to find out what it really is. Before moving on to a more serious stage, for example, the joint life or even a wedding, you should pay attention to some of the little things that will show you the true face of your chosen one.
 Love often obscures reality, and that's a wonderful girl who is ready to marry, many men, begins a relationship with a notorious bully. Ability to understand men comes with experience, but you can try and learn on someone else.

Male daffodil

He is selfish, narcissistic and does not tolerate criticism. Such a man will demand worship necessarily the highest rating of any of their actions, they admired. As you he will not seek a partner, but a reflection of his own image. It will require you to do everything for his comfort, even for this you'll have to sacrifice her. Narcissus passed on to his woman all duties, including human and material, and will wait to cook. With such a man to build a life quite difficult, because the need to give all the power to worship and performance of desires, forgetting about themselves and not rely on reciprocal gratitude.


This type of impersonating immediately. He is young, handsome, courteous and behaves like a true gentleman, allowing it to gain favor with so many ladies. But it often turns out that the gentleman forgets his wallet or card refuses to accept terminal in the restaurant. Discussions somehow related to his problems, miserable existence and the lack of opportunities to solve them. In all of this gigolo flatters right and left, his words are fine stream of epithets in your address. Life with this man will be sad - you always tired and worked at several jobs, and it is - a creative nature, unrecognized genius or forever looking worthy of his work.


He loves his mother so much that the words to describe this feeling is impossible. It is the best, intelligent, versed in all matters and understanding, so without its advice and consent does not happen in his life, absolutely nothing. First, such an attachment may seem quite nice, because there is hope that a man and you will be treated with the same trepidation. Alas, the reality will be much worse. You will always be in second place, the decisions in the family will not take you as his mother. Your desires and needs will fade next to the most important cases related to mom.


This type of man is characterized by a certain appearance and social status. He has achieved everything he wanted, a myriad condition, but alone. Usually it unattractive men in their forties, dressed in expensive clothes, which still can not hide a big belly. Papiki seek to young girls that look great though sometimes not shine mind. Their goal - to win and get their hands on beauty and youth in exchange for money. Having got a relationship with this man, you risk being left with nothing immediately after the onset of wrinkles.

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