How to save a relationship

How to save a relationship
 Love fades with each passing day, and relationships are falling apart before our eyes - a critical situation that requires early action to preserve your relationship. How to improve the situation and save the feelings of imminent death?
 Erstwhile passion fading away? Your relationship threatens disease separation, and therefore requires urgent measures for revitalization.

Before you try to save the relationship, think: Do they need you? Of course, the partner you care, and you are well aware of his sincere love. Or do you love? Bad habit can masquerade as the senses and bring a lot of mental anguish while trying to leave the object of such affection. So think twice whether to give this person a second chance and fight for his feelings? If you hold close to him exclusively psychological dependence and nothing more, such a relationship sooner or later doomed to failure. Does it make sense for them to stay?

However, if the feelings are not extinguished, and you still want to salvage the relationship at any cost, the patient and analyze the situation. Certainly, a problem that threatens to parting with loved ones, there is not a day or even a week ago. Inept bypassing the pitfalls of relationships you alienated from each other and made practically strangers? Think about how to regain the trust of men and its location to you. If in recent years in the relationship was chaos and scandals, the desire to part with his hand to explain. Be wiser and calmer attitude to petty disputes and conflicts easier.

Will have to make concessions and the first to offer a compromise overcoming the crisis. In such a difficult time for your relationship, try to close their eyes to the weakness of a loved one and try to ask him to find out what disturbs him so much that he is willing to sever relations and slam the door. This must be done as carefully as possible: do not try to pass the buck to partner guilt for what is happening and put themselves in a favorable light to you unfortunate victim ungrateful selfish.

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