How to return a previous relationship

How to return a previous relationship
 Developed relations thin as glass and can break at any time, but this understanding comes only after they crumble. Up to this point there is tension, feel the imminent end, but the idea as something to improve the situation in the head usually does not come to any of the partners. Both are waiting for the situation will change for the better myself, but that does not happen, and time can not be overlooked.  
 After parting, of course, without tears, resentment and pain do not work. This is especially true for persons of the fair sex, because of their emotionality. And it does not matter for what reason there was a gap, if after breaking a desire to return to the previous relationship. To get started is to think all is well, as the decision should not be impulsive and based only on regret the loss of a partner. Do I need this man really is and if you can change yourself for him?

Do not miss the likelihood that even if you fail to return the partner, then only temporarily, because glued cup will never be the same again. Perhaps relations temporarily improve, but if you're ready for that then can be more painful, then go ahead and leave your previous relationship.

If the initiator of the gap is the name of you, it is easier solution to the problem, but if a partner, you have to look for ways to reconciliation. And it should be done thoughtfully and well, as he should not give the impression that you are willing to endure any humiliation just for the sake of it back. Perhaps he will come back, but you will lose the respect of all.

Be sure to soak pause, let partner pobudet one thinks. Who knows, maybe he wants to return to the first previous relationship. After a short period of time, just call him and ask to meet, but that you will speak at the meeting, think through in advance. Record sound arguments and phrases on paper, during a conversation, it is important to set the right tone. If the partner has agreed to meet immediately, hence, he is visited by the idea that the relationship can be re-establish. Meet preferably at home or a quiet cozy cafe. During the communication hang naturally, do not go straight to the point, at first just talk. Only then proceed to a discussion of controversial issues, discuss those cases where you were wrong, but do not fully take the blame. Always blame both, explain to your loved one that they are willing to change for the sake of it, but at the same time and he must make concessions. 

Ask that he was not happy in the relationship, which he has a claim and if they are justified, try to solve these problems. Do not force events and at first simply meet, gradually enter into the relationship back on track.

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