How to restore relations

How to restore relations
 Sometimes life gives a second chance. Sometimes people a second chance to earn themselves. But, anyway, to restore relations with the former can. Just for this to be strong predictors and sincere intentions.  
 So, you broke up. There are several scenarios, but in any case you need to start with an analysis - why do not you together now? The first thing all depends on who initiated the breakup. If you, in addition to working with a partner, you will need to track the internal motives and change.

Ask yourself - why not work out last time and why I want to be back with this man? Options may be many, but the main ones are easy as ABC. You do not like this man, for some reasonable cause, or if you just had an awkward relationship because of some external factors.

In the first case, you can only restore the relationship, if you realize that you can live with the lack of another person. Or your partner to change in yourself that interferes with the devil. For example, the young man did not want to live together, and is now ready. Second - if the external factor is eliminated, for example, you are miles apart, and lo and behold - was transferred to work in the same city as the former.

With internal motives harder. Because their adoption requires sincerity towards himself. Do you want to come back to this person because you are lonely and you think that no one will find? Or you realize that you care about this person and that you fled from him because of fear of the future? It would seem that similar fears, but in one case you are coming from behind your own selfishness and the other - because of love.

Sincere motives useful to you for an apology, because the parting was painful. And your partner has remained negative reaction. And this is a problem, but solvable. Adequate man always ready to accept repentance and apology. If your heart is still free after the break, it is impossible to reject the one who recognizes his mistake.

If the initiator of parting was your partner, the reunion is possible only by mutual consent. To restore the relationship with the person who threw you need to understand - are you able to forgive. Because the return to the battered head fraught with guilt. And this is a powerful tool for manipulation. Sincere same love does not tolerate deception and bondage.

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