How do I stop loving

How do I stop loving
 How beautiful love! How much is written about her poems and novels, films were shot. However, one-sided love turns to torture for a loving person, and in some cases, for both people. Therefore it is necessary to stop loving.  
 What do you do when you love someone who does not want to or can not be with you? Purposely appear in places where it is most often the case, one at home lying on the bed and think about it and just about it.

Stop it. Avoid meeting with him. If this is not possible, take some time to leave or additional days off and relax in a place where you will not be bored.

Do not sit at home alone. Go to visit, cafes, clubs, to invite friends, girlfriends and relatives, so that you were not alone. Do not let yourself be sad to escape from love and not to indulge in their experiences.

Switch your love to another object, such as yourself. Change your hairstyle, wardrobe, try to look great. This will raise your spirits, will attract the attention of the opposite sex, and help to forget a loved one. Also, get yourself a kitten or a fish to take care of them and give them your love.

Stop idealizing her lover. Find it all the shortcomings, which he has and that should bring you in disgust. Remember how indifferent he treats you did not notice.

Understand that there are men in the world is much better object of your adoration. And you deserve it better. Do not waste your precious time on unnecessary Human. Point your strength to find a new love.

To stop loving a person, get things that require a lot of time and effort. Think for yourself extra hobby, sign up for dance courses, or to the gym, where you can meet new young people.

Ceasing to love a person, do not turn in on themselves. You are sure to find someone who will love you. To do this, open your heart, pay attention to the other men. Perhaps, in your inner circle have a guy who long for you to eat sympathy.

Love a man with all my heart, but only if he loves you.

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