Forbidden phrases. What we can not speak to the man

Forbidden phrases. What we can not speak to the man
 There are several categories of forbidden phrases that can not speak to the man, especially if your plans include a long and happy life together. Some of the stronger sex only frowns, some may be turned into a joke. But there are also phrases, waking in a man of such a beast, the tiger seems next to him just a helpless kitten.

Category №1. Tastes differ
Woman wanting above all to find out if he knows their tastes man can utter a phrase like "I is this dress? ". And even if a man is unhappy and dress themselves, and women's issues, it will not show the form, and will look at the facial expression girlfriend. If it glows with happiness and delight, in 99 cases out of 100, he advises her to wear this particular outfit, and no other. On the contrary, he saw a storm of doubt on the woman's face, begins to doubt himself, offering, for example, compare this dress with some more.

Category №2. Walking through the intimate area
Believed in vain numerous psychologists, sexologists, so that men are concerned about their size on the part of the intimate area. Concerned about this, in extreme cases, teenagers. And men come up with a huge number of jokes on the subject, in part to still get rid of some complexes, in part - to plenty poprikalyvatsya over too self-righteous professionals and inexperienced little ladies. Therefore, phrases like "I thought that he would" perceive "what-has grown, it has grown," and if the process does not see the difference, why have more?

Category №3. Torture expectation
Discomfort in the groin area of ​​the heart and can cause men very different phrases that begin with the words: "But my ex ...", "We urgently need to talk" or even worse - "Maybe we be friends? ". After such phrases they usually fall into easy prostration and do not know what to say. And if a man suddenly loses confidence, relationships can end at any time, even without the consent of the woman.

Category №4. Kinship
Most casualties and destruction they leave behind the phrase "But my mom thinks that ..." or "Your mother was wrong." No wonder that family ties and the one and the other side for a man - a taboo. He wants to give himself his own home, not wanting to listen to the opinion of Tiffany. And, most of all, he's just sooner or later expel from the house a woman who dared to criticize his mother, even if she really was not right.

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