Eight reasons for the failure of men

Eight reasons for the failure of men
 Sometimes the most crucial moment a man says that he has no mood. Previously, he wanted his wife always, and now suddenly got sick? Do not make premature conclusions, because there are many reasons for male fiasco.

Psychologists say that sex - a major component of family life. But it also happens that my husband wants to make love, he was attracted by his wife, but in the end he suffered a complete fiasco. No need to despair, everything has a reason. Many therapists distinguish eight reasons for this problem.

The first problem. Men's potency is influenced by individual and age hesitation. For men of a certain age is characterized by a certain norm of sex acts per month. Such standards can vary between three or four acts of love in one day and act in a month. Deviations in the one and the other side can cause depletion of the body in this area, and as a consequence - impotence.

Another reason may be the everyday monotony. As a rule, work in the same place for more than 4-5 years negatively affects the potency of men: dulls the senses, there is fatigue. Also cause loss of sexual function can be hidden or overt disease.

Also cause sexual dysfunction can be an unhealthy diet. Of course, we are talking about overeating, abuse of fatty and sweet foods. All this causes atherosclerosis, including those that carry blood to the genitals.

After prolonged abstinence fiasco in bed can be considered natural. When the man returned after a long trip, and hints at a sexual relationship, it does not mean that he cheated on his wife. He needs to get used to a home environment, and then everything will return to normal.

Some men mistakenly believe that alcohol is able to increase their ability in bed. Alcohol can help men overcome their fear of women, but in small doses. If abuse alcohol, then soon you can earn various sexual disorders.

Also one of the reasons for the failure of the male is the frequent change of sexual partners. Here we are talking not only about the risk to get a bunch of sexually transmitted diseases, but also the psychological problems that can occur when a sex life.

Andrology argue that sport, strange as it may have a negative effect on male potency, as the sport is associated with congestion, and sometimes with non-human strain. We are talking about professional sports. If a man wants to keep fit, it must engage in useful measure of potency for sports such as swimming, skiing, tennis, jogging, water aerobics, etc.

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