10 bad sex habits

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 Qualities considered necessary in everyday life, often completely inappropriate when the action moves to the bedroom. Modesty, restraint, self-control - all these excellent habits, without which you can not be regarded as a decent human being, you should take off along with the clothes. Nightlife dictates completely different rules. Some addiction can ruin even the best sex.

1. "modest." Many women and men are shy of their most sincere expressions and emotions in bed, do not agree to experiment and fear during sex do something "not" can not even be called a spade a spade. Be more effusively about sex.

2. "Everything is as it should be." How should develop the sexual act? Adequate foreplay, and then you can move on to the case. But sometimes it is worth to change the traditional script. Discard the foreplay, take action into their own hands - this may surprise a man! Variety of options for sexual scenarios, you will be surprised how much fun bedding became more interesting.

3. "Which of the two keys to choose today? "Many couples over the years do not tend to try a new position. Two or three of the bodies, the usual - that's what they are solved. But the world is huge and sexy poses many unexplored. Rejecting the use of conventional and podnadoevshih poses, you will learn many interesting things about the other existing posture.

4. "Honey, I have no time." It happens that a woman devotes time sex, along with other things, amended the daily chart. But sex if it fit into the framework of time-management, loses quality. Fearing to spend an extra minute, you lose the fun and excitement of having sex. To give this lesson completely, without thinking about time.

5. Actresses in bed. Fake orgasms - this tendency shows disrespect to the partner, says that you think it is not in a position to give you pleasure. In addition, notice your fake emotions, a partner may feel insulted, but also did not show the form. Thus begins the serious problems in the sexual sphere.

6. "The initiative is punishable." Despite the fact that traditionally the initiative in sex shows a man, woman, too, should not sit in a corner and keep quiet, waiting for him to be the mood. If you feel the urge - take the initiative themselves, the partner will be only too happy.

7. "Do not smile." Joke or laughing in bed can not only smooth the unfortunate effect of one of the partners, but also to remove the awkwardness or defuse the situation.

8. "Porn? Mom forbids me. " Erotic or porn-video capable diversify sex life and promote self-education in this matter. It is not necessary to avoid that will teach you many useful things!

9. You do not scout in captivity - not necessarily silent. Moans and sighs - that's what excites your partner and helps him to understand everything he is right. By your reaction, he understands how his actions bring you pleasure. No need to keep quiet, relax and splash out their feelings out.

10. Self-criticism. Even if this morning you've decided to go on a six-month rigorous diet menu for which was taken from the book "The best recipes of Auschwitz," sex - is not the time to think about it. Your partner catches your body, otherwise, I suppose you would not have appeared to him in the same bed. So do not think about their shortcomings, it may be noted, and that no one is sexier you.

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