Women do things that always put men to a standstill

Women do things that always put men to a standstill
 The fact that men and women are very different, as if being from different planets, written very much. Despite this fact, the two manage to negotiate sex and live together. However, there are actions for women who always put men to a standstill.

A rare man stand when a woman cries. Let tears are composed of water and salt, but this structure is very potent. As a rule, a man does not know and does not understand what to do in this situation, while pulse quickens and palms sweat.

Man confused looking at the weeping woman, he begins to feel that he is guilty of something, and must certainly comfort lady. The stronger sex can not determine the cause of the disorder, which are numerous: the offense, the excess of feeling, emotion, self-pity, loneliness, failure.

Depending on the response to women's tears psychologists distinguish three kinds of men: the tyrants, romance and shy. The first kind is likely to be svirepet in and out of itself, thus showing its weakness. Men of the second type will comfort your sweet, showering her with rose petals and promising gifts. Shy will suffer in silence, believing themselves to cause it.

Difficult to understand men and question from the woman he loved, "Do not you think that I gained weight? ". And what to say in this case, especially if this is the case? Provocative situation, it can bring a woman hurt and cause tears.

Do not understand men, and how can a girl so long to gather before going somewhere else? Some women it takes a few hours. Prosobiravshis a while, she starts spinning in front of a mirror, and then falls into hysterics on the bed and crying. Do not understand men, that if nothing to wear, it is better not to go anywhere at all.

Baffles and a situation where a woman is silent, does not respond to a man and does not respond to questions. It can and cry at the same time. Women at the moment constrained to not said too much and do not destroy the relationship, not knowing thus that "a silence" alienates them from their partner, especially if a man takes a reciprocal game and has the same effect.

The weaker sex seems to be the favorite and so should guess that it is done and why the lady is upset. But, alas, men are not mind readers. Therefore, the need to communicate. And if your lady behaves this way, try to take an unassailable fortress communication and find out what happened. Alternatively, you could just hug your favorite, without a hint of sex, pat and soothe.

Men in all the above cases it is necessary to understand that this behavior may have reasons, because a woman - being emotional. The girls would be good to become aware of their true motives and explain their actions, if not a partner, at least to herself.

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