When a man is bound to sex

When a man is bound to sex
 It so happened that the leading role in sexual relations is given to man. Most often, it is the stronger sex is very active, has more confidence and as a result, leads the lady behind him. However, there are cases when a man chained to a bed.  

The reasons that a man feels insecure in the bedroom, may be different. For example, it may be a consequence of the experienced trauma unsuccessful first sexual experience, ridiculed by his partner. Sometimes excessive constraint says that the way a man a woman, it seems he did not like everything, and he does not know how to behave.

In any case, without knowing what constrains the ardor of a lover and does not break out of his imagination, a woman can not make him a terrific lover. Lady should look to his beloved, to understand what is his problem. In the end, the relationship between man and woman dependent on both of them.

Partner to feel comfortable and relaxed behaved, you need to trust your beloved. She should be careful with him, to show that he likes her that she does not need anyone else, including in bed. In any case it is impossible to speak about his former lover, with or emphasizing their drawbacks, no mention on their merits. If a woman says that some of her partner was not too good, the man thinks that it compares it to him if - he was great, decides that he misses the past.

There are times when I prefer stiffness persists for a long time, despite the fact that men and women had to get close to each other. In such situations helps a frank conversation. Honest, sincere, he is able to work miracles. The main thing - do not put pressure on the partner, not blame him and not move to the comic tone. Should speak calmly, speaking seriously, otherwise nothing will.

Last chance for women desperate to build personal happiness with her lover - a hike to a psychologist. After talking with a specialist, the man is easier to cope with the problem. After stiffness in bed - not a disaster: everything can be corrected, and insecure lover can turn into inimitable seducer.

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