What matters is better not to ask men

What matters is better not to ask men
 To develop a harmonious relationship, and both sides they feel comfortable, you need to follow some rules. One of them is: do not ask men questions that may put them in a difficult position in front of you. Compliance with this requirement will help to avoid many problems, grievances and disputes.  
 Women's favorite question, "What are you thinking? "Causes confusion among many men. Firstly, they genuinely do not understand why you have to retell your thoughts (which are a superman, calculate the work schedule or build scheme victory of our football team). Secondly, they doubt that you will like what they think. And thirdly, they themselves often do not know what they think. Simply disconnected from everything and relax.

Where are you? "- Again ask you, picking a favorite number for the fifth time in half an hour. This question is best to ask men dosing: no more than once a day and then, if it is really justified. For example, when it is delayed from work for three hours and still did not warn you.

Girls are constantly watching their weight, so beloved man repeatedly asked the question: "I'm fat? "I wonder what you would like to hear from him? Another man pointed out that asking about his waist girls love several times within an hour or two. This will bring the balance of any, and then the man will tell you all the places where there are accumulated surpluses or deficiencies.

Try to refrain from questions about other men. For example: "I saw the way he looked at me? "This means that you are looked at someone, at the time, as your loved one something enthusiastically told. It will not so much jealousy, show him how much your indifference.

It is better not to ask questions about the number of a man of his girls in the past. Honest answers will not bring in your relationship any good and unifying, and you will be constantly tormented by the thought that he was once someone was. As they say, "that was a long time ago bylem overgrown", so do not even worth remembering and stammer about it. To this class belong, and questions about who is better in bed, someone to cook and dress nicely. Remember that you are now with him, then you - the best!

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