Life after love: where to go feeling?

Life after love: where to go feeling?
 Candy buketny period is characterized by an extraordinary influx of feelings. Lovers almost do not notice the others, because their eyes are to each other. They think that love will last forever - because they have a perfect relationship. What a disappointment befalls them when winged and unearthly feeling of happiness are. There is even some confusion: it is not clear how to live without love.

Lovers people experience a variety of emotions. Object of adoration seems to them the most perfect person in the whole world. Unusual feeling of joy, tenderness to his beloved, the desire to constantly smile did not leave the clock. The illusion that to live without each other can not be. My heart trembles at the thought of the thing one and only, man.

But time passes and puts everything in its place. Mad passion passes, inner fire is extinguished. Having experienced similar experiences at least once in your life, you'll inevitably want to answer the question: "Where are the feelings go away?". To get an answer, you can learn that you felt really is: a real love or a strong passion.

In the second case a burn feeling. When people do not have common interests, joint plans for the future, the desire to strengthen relations on a daily basis, but there is only attracted to each other, "thirst" getting more and more emotion, the finale is inevitable - you, sooner or later, will experience fatigue. Rare pair are able to live permanently in the "volcano of passion", while experiencing the pleasure of such an existence. Most people are eager to start a family, procreation, an interesting life, which includes not only goodbye and recognition.

A first version says that the feeling will not go away - they are modified. If you are absolutely sure that the relationship - true love, then you need to mentally prepare for a slight cooling. Spend my life, not taking his eyes from her lover, is impossible. So, once all still have to be distracted by other things and problems.

The main thing is to understand that if a loved one is living in your heart, you want to take care of him, to spend time together, have children by him, and you know that your desire is mutual, then it is time for quiet, strong, controlled and not such violent, as before, the senses.

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