How to revive a sense of

How to revive a sense of
 Not necessarily live long married to your feelings with your loved cooled. This can happen in a few months relations, if you stand on the spot. Lovers should always discover something new each other. Still, the main thing in all respects - it is people, not the surroundings. You can organize a romantic evening every day, but they will not take action without their mutual cordiality and tenderness.
 Only true love, true feelings can be revived - resuscitation will not help if one paired indifferent to another. Clearly, when the couple in the vanity of vanities family life begin to live together more as partners or friends, not as beloved. Children, their problems, housing, work - all this accumulates and grows like a snowball. Husband and wife bravely saddled this impossibly wear around your neck and carry a lifetime.

It turns out that they voluntarily give up life itself, of its pleasures and joys. When all of a sudden these people are alone, without children, without the problems that must be solved immediately, without the need to maintain family, they do not know what to do with each other. They have forgotten how to see, hear and understand each other. This is the main reason for the indifference and coldness.

Sex toys and erotic lingerie, candles and wine, going to the cinema and nature will not save your marriage if you do not dostuchus to the heart and soul partner. This will be one of the planned activities - you will think that a romantic evening in three days, and all at once will change. No. Only now and always. Not once. Look at him, listen to him, kiss him, inhale the smell, hug him tightly, draw the tongue on his earlobe. That is, turn the sensitivity at full capacity - sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste.

It can not be turned on and off in this live. If something does not use long, it's something that can atrophy. And your feelings, and love were neglected both of you. Stop control everything - the world will not collapse if you close the evening together with her husband in the bedroom. You can burn the pan, but to save his family! Remember how the husband came to you in the kitchen and gently kissed the back of his head, and you dismiss it, because dinner is not ready yet. He thus made attempts to bring revival in your life, in your feelings. Now you do it, when he lies on the couch with a book, sitting at the computer.

But when you practice this off from the outside world on a regular basis, then you can fantasize as you like - all the things that recommend women's glossy magazines and tell your intuition. Humor and ability to laugh at himself will help you overcome the fear and embarrassment, it's not the fact that you will be able to gracefully dancing gait to walk before her husband dvenadtsatisantimetrovoy stud in one tiny apron. If you can not, sincere kind of laughter, shared with loved ones, whet your desire to love even more.

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