How to learn to build relationships

How to learn to build relationships
 Build a relationship is not so simple as it might seem. People have families, but not always formed a happy life together. Partners or divorced or live in the not too harmonious marriage. Some do and can not have a relationship, not knowing what their problem. Interacting with people requires attention to them, as well as the ability to give and receive love.
 Not all women are able to create and maintain an intimate atmosphere in the union. There is a view not erotic and sexual aspect of the relationship and trust, a sense of intimacy and spiritual connection with the person. To build relationships, you need to learn how to create a feeling of warmth and security. This implies honesty and openness to the other person. In practice, it turns out that to create an atmosphere not too easy and not an obstacle in a partner.

When relationships become more trusting and intimate than a person unconsciously to himself admits, he starts looking for a partner disadvantages. Often in this situation, the woman begins to demand from men some unusual things to him, it overstates the bar for him, deep down not expecting him to begin her match. It does this from the need to move away, to avoid real intimacy. For similar reasons someone might not develop a relationship with the opposite sex.

Others on the contrary, as soon as there is a possibility on the horizon to have a relationship, immediately forget about their lives and interests and begin to sacrifice for all men. This tactic can never lead to success. It would alienate a strong self-sufficient person, and may attract only those who are emotionally used to live at another's expense. Generally, usually psychological problems, if any, lead to the fact that every time a woman chooses men in accordance with a certain stereotype, and regular relations are developing is not the best option. She may think that all men are the same, and in fact every time she makes the same mistakes.

If you want to create a strong and trusting relationship, you will never forget what you have in any situation to be themselves, to find time for their own interests, not to sacrifice their lives for the sake of another man. Even if you have a problem, you do not have to hide them and try to look perfect.

Should learn two things: to give love and receive it. It will have to work on self-esteem. The man who feel bad about yourself, hardly able to fall in love with someone else. If this happens, then the relationship will develop painful for both.

Wrong is the belief that "such I do not need anyone." But if you think you can change a loved one, it will be with you not the same as with others, or if you're determined to prove to him that really something you can trust - is also doomed to failure scenarios. Just accept this man, do not try to change him or herself for the sake of the relationship. Do not rush things. Create strong interpersonal communication, but do not try to bind to a partner. This principle is the key to a successful relationship.

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