How to get out of the impasse in relations

How to get out of the impasse in relations
 Sometimes even the most loving and caring people could be in trouble in the relationship. Everything was fine, when suddenly went misunderstandings, quarrels, recriminations. And the farther the more. The impression that beloved were in a dead end.
 First of all, do not despair, even more so, to put an end to their love, saying that nothing can be done, it is fate, it is better to part on good. Both men and women need to understand that any couple from time to time the relationship is in crisis. This is a normal, natural phenomenon. If desired, and persistence can be relatively easy to overcome.

Frank talk with each other, find out what you do not like, offended or annoyed. The conversation can begin any party, it is only necessary to choose a convenient time and spend it in the right way, that is, without accusatory, complaints or accusations. Be sure to emphasize that you care about your partner and want to correct this absurd situation. Not ashamed to admit his guilt, if it turns out that the claims were true to you. Assure that had no malicious intent and make the future all the necessary conclusions.

Try at least to the time change of scenery, relax. It is often caused by misunderstandings and quarrels elementary fatigue, boring routine. It is not on a level place there is a saying "love boat has crashed against life"! Go somewhere or go backpacking. More likely to choose the house for concerts, exhibitions and sporting events. You should not sit in four walls, annoying each other.

Try to be calmer, more tolerant, do not show your partner to petty claims. Even if some of his habits annoy you, that's no reason for scandals. You can always negotiate, explain, not to go to extremes. Try to see a loved one is good, not bad. Praise partner encourage any useful initiative, spare no kind words.

Of course, in any case, do not carry your problems at the court of unauthorized persons. Even if it's close relatives and friends. More difficult to commit a blunder. Make it a strict rule: your personal life applies only to the two of you, nobody else. In doing so, you will almost certainly be able to build relationships.

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