How to find happiness and love

How to find happiness and love
 Every day thousands of people are getting married. But how many of them are really happy? According to statistics, about half of marriages end in divorce. How to find your soul mate, it does not make the wrong choice narrowed or narrowed?
 No matter how corny it sounds, but the basis for a long and happy life together is love. Although almost all couples marry for love it, very often people are deceived by taking a strong passion for love. But passion peculiar place, and once a person realizes that does not feel more traction to its second half. As a consequence, there are conflicts in the family and novels on the side, with a high probability that ends in divorce.

For what people love each other? Here, the question itself is wrong. You can not love for something - for good looks, pleasant character, round a bank account ... Love - is something else. Kinship, a merger of two halves at the level of energy. I love not for something, but simply - love. When there is love, everything else - the appearance, character, habits - is perceived in a completely different light. One of the main criteria of love is the ability to forgive - we are ready to forgive your loved one, if not all, very much.

How to find a loved one? It is really very difficult. There is a very good way for the believer - ask for help in his quest for God, the Theotokos. This method has helped a lot, but for him to give the result, you must truly believe.

Do not try to buy the bright appearance of the elect or chosen one, very often it turns out to be deceptive. As rightly observed, a wise man, beautiful people tend to be very unhappy. How Come? Firstly, often because of too bloated egos. Secondly, it is very difficult to find love, because people usually addicted to their appearance, and not a soul. But look, no matter how great it may be, the person becomes boring and uninteresting. Unable to find happiness without love, so it is necessary to look for a soul mate.

In search of the soul will help you close resemblance hobbies. You can go look for a soul mate in a strip club or a library - depending on what you closer. And the results will be relevant. There is no opposition - that is "bad", and this - "good". Just be very difficult to find a congenial person in places you do not peculiar.

Whether in search of happiness and love some value welfare? No. But his presence as absence, can tell whether love love or is it still a question of passion. Thus, in recent years more and more fashionable in the conclusion of a marriage contract. But can love enter into contracts? If you think about it, then love is still held by you. Conversely, if the person whom you love, and talked about the marriage contract, you should question the validity of the test he senses. The situation is the lack of well-being is much easier - if the people getting married, do not have much wealth, they pull each other certainly not based on a desire to enrich themselves. Not by chance that some rich people while searching for a second half try not to advertise their wealth. After all, it should fall in love with a person, not his money.

If there is love, everything else is sure to follow. Unable to find happiness with the unloved person, so people do not marry for love, but on the basis of some other considerations make a very big mistake. Money, prestige, beautiful life very quickly stale, and what remains? Sadness, tears. Emptiness. The realization that happiness and love you walked round. But why do not they have met in your way? Just because you, at the time, were selected a completely different way ...

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