How to charm Man

How to charm Man
 If you liked the young man who feels for you only friendly feelings - do not despair. Try to change the situation and using some women's tricks, try to enchant your chosen one.
 First of all, try to look good in any situation. This does not mean that you need to put on the face tons of cosmetics and make extravagant hairstyles. It would be better if your natural beauty is only slightly stressed makeup and hair will be clean and well groomed.

You will achieve your goal if you can long remain a mystery for your vote. Do not tell him about all the details of your life, especially personal. It does not matter if a young person will only know the basic facts of your career - this will allow him not to lose interest in you.

If you have any unusual or interesting hobby in which you have achieved success - tell him about it as detailed as possible or even show off your skills. As a rule, the full development and passionate girl will seek the attention of boys.

It will be easier to charm the young man if you do not only share with them information about their hobby, but also learn and support his hobbies. He will pay more attention to you and will be more likely to communicate with you, if you know that you too like to play, for example, in the pool or explore the art of photography. In addition, because you can sometimes turn to him for help than underline once again its competence in this field.

To inspire your vote, be sociable, joking and try to make your meetings unique even in the little things - sometimes tell stories for a guy giving a little poems or cute souvenirs. But try not to go too far with this, otherwise your attentions of a young man may not perceive.

You'll be closer to your goal, if sometimes afford not to respond to calls your vote, late for a meeting or finish them earlier than usual - it will cause a little jealousy in him, which only heats the interest of the young person to your person. But here is an important measure, otherwise the guy will think that he does not like you.

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