How to charm a loved one

How to charm a loved one
 You are in love and happy. You direct the enthusiastic desire to please your object of adoration is not less than what you want. Anyway, you're used to always be on top. To favorite was completely fascinated by you, do not need much effort.
 Take care of your appeal. Interest men always begins with the appearance. You should like not only to him but also yourself. Can put on a charming lingerie on a date only to feel it irresistible. Your confidence in its appeal will certainly be passed fans.

Be friendly. Show your loved that kind to him. Smile a little tilt your head when you listen carefully look into his eyes. Ask how his day went or week, be interested in the success of other cases. This will enable a man to feel your interest in his persona, enhance the sense of his own importance. In addition, you can learn more about it. In this case, always keep your sense of self-esteem.

Do his handpicked something nice every day. This may be his favorite cocktail in the morning or a concert ticket, which he dreams of a couple of months. Take care of him and give pleasure. Try to make him a pleasure to be in your community. So he quickly get used to you, and soon life in your absence it seems unbearable.

Show off your feminine weakness. Ask, for example, you go to the supermarket to help with heavy bags, or screw in a light bulb. So you give beloved chance to demonstrate their power, courage, care. Different men have different attitudes to the manifestations of this kind, but the role of a strong guy like everyone.

Become a spice in bed. Manage to rekindle his interest long before you get into the bedroom, and try not to disappoint him there. Be honest - this is perhaps the most important secret of how to be a great lover. Tell me what you like, and ask about what he wants. The rest - a matter of technique, experience comes with practice.

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