Fights for love

Fights for love
 In nature, there is always competition. This is natural, but it happens that the competition and achieve their habit affects the emotional sphere of our lives.

Seek love us all very peculiar, though, whenever you start to do it - it is worth considering what the motive, and what is behind it.

The main reason is that everyone aspires to be loved and get warm, spiritual understanding and be judged on merit. This is quite natural, given that all of us - social creatures.

The second reason - we are used to achieve in other areas of his life, and in love we use the same methods. Are making a certain amount of effort. Indignant why they chose another, not me. There are already at the forefront can leave their own ambitions and selfishness. At some point, you may want to pause and think about whether it's really about love, or, on the contrary, we have forgotten what love really is.

Sincere feeling can not be based on the consumer with regard to the partner. Can not be "all good" when it comes to human fates and emotions. One should always remember that persistence should be correct, but attention - unobtrusive. Harassment love object still like torture opponents, will not lead to the fact that you will love.

Start with yourself. Need to calm down, assess their strength. Be not indifferent, but are not concerned. Respectful, but not hypocritical. Appeal is not born of aggression, remember this. As Richard Bach: "Be yourself - calm, clear, bright".

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