Why is he so cruel?

Why is he so cruel?
 No matter how much it hurt, but sometimes men are very cruel, and most women do not immediately possible to recognize the hidden side of his character. With such a difficult man to be happy - all while on a powder keg, and expect the unexpected shot in the heart of a woman's soul.

Cruelty is different. There is a certain type of men who are not even aware that their reckless words and actions bring women tremendous pain and disappointment. However, some of cruelty are intertwined with the vile deeds, such a man takes pleasure in humiliating the weaker sex, he never realizes his mistakes and considers such behavior norm. But there is an easier type, all the fault of its natural hardness, it hurts as easy as asking forgiveness in his eyes and the words, feelings of sincere repentance and a woman forgives him.

If in this case and can accept as not cool, but you love this snapper, in the case of physical violence, the situation is much worse and could end very tragic. This man has a very heavy-handed behavior, he is irritable, jealous and short-tempered, it can be expected anything. Women living with domestic tyranny, intimidated so that they could not decide on a break. Very often, these situations are explained by a brutal blackmail hundred men, a woman fears for his life, afraid of losing their children, lives in a state of perpetual stress and burnout.

If a woman can not count on help from friends and family, it being under "house arrest" and endless physical abuse, can last long enough, and maybe even a lifetime. But she lost the last chance for happiness and mental health of children.

If you can not get away from the hard men try to change yourself. Psychologists believe that men experience despotic cruelty only to weak natures with low self-esteem and endless fears. Try to become more self-confident - strong and independent destroy the principle of subordination.

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