Top 5 reasons not to admit her love for him first

Top 5 reasons not to admit her love for him first
 However men do not say that like it when a woman takes the initiative and make the first step, no matter how glossy magazines are not assured its readers that men appreciate the honesty and courage of the women who opened their feelings, it is still best not to do so. And for this opinion there are several reasons.

For the process of conquest of the stronger sex women - is a ritual. Sometimes you can hear from them what their dreams that it was not necessary to hold these long courtship with flowers, poems, walks and even exploits. In fact, they value women's inherited it after a long siege.

If the fortress surrendered after the first attack (yes, even men love described in terms of war and fighting), then they will feel frustrated by the fact that, perhaps, the goal was not so valuable, and from the fact that violated the rules of the game, and can woman deprived them of the joy of a well-deserved victory. In the eyes of men a girl who confessed to love first, of course, cause admiration for courage. But it does not always end a lasting relationship.

The girl who confesses his love first, can cause irritation of his men hurried frankness. Here she admitted that she loves. And if love is unrequited? If he had not yet decided on their attitude? The stronger sex in general as opposed to the weak is not fixated on their feelings, so the guy can not know that love, or do not realize the depth of his feelings. Or not yet sure how serious it may not be making any plans and just enjoy developing relationships.

The woman, a confession to make, puts him in a situation where he needed to do something, to make a definite decision. And men are not terribly fond of it when girls forced them to act. As a result, it may just experience dissatisfaction or frightened of responsibility.

If a girl confesses his love first, it risks a blow to the ego. After all, a man can not reciprocate. And then it can test a whole palette of negative feelings, it's always hard when you have rejected, especially favorite. Men are accustomed to be denied, for they are not so humiliating. The weaker sex is less prepared for such offensive clicks. Do not place himself or a man in an awkward position, because in that case you would be hard to communicate on, as if nothing had happened.

The woman, who has decided to open its first feelings deprives himself quite comfortable status hostess position. Usually male offer his love, she is free to choose, confident feelings fan. In this situation, it will have to take the first step into the unknown, and you can not always be sure that it will not be into the abyss.

Confessing love the first woman deprives herself a delicious sense of power over men's hearts and often ceases to be interesting for a certain kind of men. After all, not everyone is ready to appreciate this generosity, courage and strength of feeling.

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