If a man wants to be closer to the woman

If a man wants to be closer to the woman
 When a man likes a woman, what only tricks he does not go for her favors. During the Middle Ages chivalry, or even in our recent past - the twentieth century - the same success with the fairer sex enjoyed a delicious courtship, unobtrusive signs of attention, recognition, flowers and compliments. And although today the convergence of men and women is extremely simplified, versatile women's thinking, yet not too welcomed the frank directness.

That is why modern man even experience around its irresistible excitement person lady tends to choose its own special key to the heart of his lady, trying to be there and win the trust and sympathy.

And it is the desire to be closer to the woman, of course, leads to a strengthening of relations. After all, women are known to be characteristic of addiction, usually followed by a direct interest and affection. And the man who is near, becomes a friend, counselor, confidant heart of mystery and just a pleasant companion. By the way, the friendly feelings experienced by women to men, does not harm the loving relationship, but instead play to their advantage. So three rights of men seeking to make its presence next to a woman accustomed, become necessary for her and always welcome.

To become a woman closer, the man must convince her of its reliability, that is what is lacking in the modern ladies who are accustomed to always and everywhere to solve problems on their own, cherishing the hope in my heart once again become weak, delicate and vulnerable, shifting some of the load on the strong man's shoulder.

In an effort to be closer to a woman, a man imbued with its interests and starting to get acquainted with the fact that occupies her thoughts and leisure, thus, is able to get to know it and to learn to love. And our hectic lifestyle harassed women, not spoiled by the increased attention on the part of the stronger sex, like the desire to perceive only with infinite gratitude and sympathy, if it is, of course, is not unduly intrusive. And a hundredfold return this effort, because every woman will appreciate a genuine interest in her as a person, but by seeing repay the love and tender affection.

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