How to apologize to the man

How to apologize to the man
 Often the relationship between a man and a woman reminiscent of the highest diplomacy - to overwhelm the senses couple drops of burning love for children's grievances. In this case, you can not take offense at him and sit sulkily. If you have something to hurt her beloved, sorry, better reconciliation quarrel.
 Best and sincere apology will you have when you personally approach the person and ask for forgiveness, looking into his eyes. Only not everyone gets the courage to do it. Always before you do something or say, turn the situation in the opposite direction - imagine how you would like to attend a man? What would be nicer to you - SMS-ka on the phone or its presence with luxury bouquet? A woman is more difficult to come up with some excuse-Present, because the flowers of a young man not too delight.

You can buy a card with a touching text, but it is imperative to give it personally, putting an exclamation point with a kiss. Do not invent flowery phrases - the main thing to show your sincere repentance. If your offense is really great and proud man, beg forgiveness will be difficult. Need more original action than 100 pieces of card or pardonable messages.

Good outlet for young girls - write: "Forgive me, my love! "On the pavement in front of windows guy. In winter, it can be done from the spray paint on the snow. If he lives on the first floor, write these words on his window to wash off the paint. Contact a local radio station, say the apology speech or have your radio broadcasters. Take the restoration of good relations little material means - make a huge poster advertising agency with his portrait and the words addressed to the beloved.

If a man does not want to forgive you, ask all your mutual friends to help you. Sometimes a guy more listens to the advice of friends, rather than to the words of the girl. Reliable and good friends who approve and support your relationship will find arguments and appropriate occasion words of persuasion to favorite forgiven you.

None of the loving heart can not take the form of the girl standing with a view to repent, with tears in his eyes! Embrace the young man gently and whisper in your ear that your thoughtless act can not affect the strength of your love.

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